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We can help you maximise your performance in the Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths exam through our series of guided online revision tutorials.

Structure and focus your study as we approach the Leaving Certificate exams.

Review the key maths concepts and give you access to recordings of the lessons right up to the day of the exam.

Manage your stress and build your maths confidence.

Maximise your performance by giving you hints, tips and exam strategies.

Tutorials are available from 8am each day.

Leaving Cert Higher Level Rapid Revision Timetable 2023

Date Topic
26th May 2023 Integration Revision Session
27th May 2023 Sinusoidal / Periodic Trigonometric Functions
28th May 2023 Simultaneous Equations, The Factor Theorem, Factorisation, Factorising and Solving Cubic Equations
29th May 2023 Circles and Tangents
30th May 2023 Logarithms
31st May 2023 Circumcentre, Orthocentre, Centroid, Incentre, Medians & Altitudes
1st June 2023 Calculus Revision Session
2nd June 2023 Exploring Data, Central Tendency, Data Variability and Z-Scores
3rd June 2023 De Moivre’s Theorem and Finding Complex Roots
4th June 2023 Inferential Statistics


* Additional material will also be made available to students throughout the 10 day series *

The daily Rapid Revision Tutorial will issue to registered students at 8am each day.

This will facilitate registered students in engaging in the rapid revision at a time that suits their personal study schedule.

Each guided revision session will be between 30 minutes and 1 hour in duration.

Registered students will have full access to the rapid revision materials until the State Exams have concluded and students are encourage to repeat the rapid revision sessions as much as they need to in order to boost their confidence and increase their level of understanding.

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