1. Fresh Start
Forget the past. Treat this year as a fresh start. Eat healthy, exercise and get into a consistent study routine. Start as you mean to go on. Sometimes the hardest part of studying is getting started!

2. The Power of Organisation
Get your notebooks, books & copies ready for each subject. Start planning a study timetable and review it regularly. Remember to study all subjects not just the subjects you love!

3. Start Small
Do a little each day. Avoid cramming at the last minute if at all possible and plan your study throughout the entire year. Short study sessions help the synapses in your brain process information much better than lots of information in long sessions.

4. Exam Papers
Practicing past exam papers is a great way to get focused on the exams and to familiarise yourself with questioning styles. Don’t be afraid to access the marking schemes also.

5. Class Exams

Don’t let one bad exam result get you down. Keep the head up, study the material again and aim to improve in the next examination.

6. Limit Distractions

Limit distractions – if you must listen to music, choose melodic music without lyrics and of course, leave your phone alone and stay off social media.

7. Balance
Life is short and it is not all about study. Try and develop a healthy balance in your study routines and take regular breaks. You absorb information better when you’re alert, well-fed and rested – and even better after you’ve exercised. It’s important to ensure you’ve consumed nutritious foods to get your brain powered up – things like fish, nuts, berries and yoghurt. It also pays to stay hydrated and get up to move in between your 30-minute sessions.


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